About eLearn Campus

eLearn Campus is a group of experienced, creative, and talented individuals who are focused on one thing: Learning for Results.

We are a partnership that brings together special knowledge in areas of design and development, management consulting, and internal capacity building.

Management Team


Rick Nigol

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant

Michael Grant

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant

Catharine Johnston

Senior Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness Through eLearning.

What We Believe

Results are seen when learning takes place. For learning to actually happen, it must be planned for. eLearning must be designed with the learner in mind. It does not happen by chance. It does not happen just because a new piece of technology was implemented. Technology is just one piece of the eLearning puzzle.

Being “technology neutral”, eLearn Campus ensures that your resources are invested in the right places, like learning design, and that results are achieved.